Kefyn Catley

Kefyn lives in the hills of East Tennessee where he indulges his passion for the art and science of photographing insects and their kin.

He is a Professor Emeritus of Biology at Western Carolina University where he taught and conducted research in organismal evolutionary biology and science education.

He holds a PhD in arthropod systematics from Cornell and was a research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. Traveling extensively, he has studied spiders on four continents and held faculty positions at Rutgers and Vanderbilt universities.

A naturalist, passionate photographer, and lifelong observer of the tiny creatures “that run the world”, Kefyn gives talks and workshops at photographic, gardening and natural history societies to increase awareness of the role of arthropods in the biosphere. His research has been published extensively in a wide range of scientific journals and his photographs have been exhibited in galleries, appeared in magazines, and online.

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